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Parrots For sale

Here is a selection of our parrots currently available , We will have many more varieties available soon please email for any specific species that you may require.

Hand Reared Ecelctus Male

Gorgeous baby eclectus male ready early December





Rainbow lorikeet

Hand reared Rainbow Lorikeets.

Brightly coloured plumage to go with their colourful personalities. All birds DNA’d

Price $250 per bird



Sun ConureHand Reared Sun Conures

Delightful pets with real personality  

$650 each

Hand Reared Cockatiels

Beautiful hand reared cockatiels available in Cinnamon, Pied Lutino , Grey and Whiteface available all year round, Please email for current availabilty.

Price from $100 per bird



Hand Reared Scaly Breasted Lorikeets

Gorgeous baby Scalies ready to go now, 2 x DNA’d female  more available in next few weeks

$200 each