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Parrots For sale

Here is a selection of our parrots currently available , We will have many more varieties available soon please email for any specific species that you may require

Hand Reared Baby Galahs 

DNA’d $1000 each

Hand Reared Alexandrines

DNA’d $500 each

Hand Reared Nanday Conures

DNA’d $600 each

Hand reared Indian ringnecks

Various colours DNA’d  from $150 each

Hand Reared Pure Bred Red Sided Eclectus  

Male $2000 each


Hand reared Rainbow Lorikeets.Rainbow lorikeet


Brightly coloured plumage to go with their colourful personalities.All birds DNA’d

Price $250 per bird

Sun ConureHand Reared Sun Conures

Delightful pets with real personality  

$650 each

Hand Reared Cockatiels

Beautiful hand reared cockatiels available in Cinnamon, Pied Lutino , Grey and Whiteface available all year round, Please email for current availabilty.

Price from $100 per bird



Hand Reared Scaly Breasted Lorikeets

Gorgeous baby Scalies ready to go now, 2 x DNA’d female  more available in next few weeks

$200 each